Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bigby's Middle Finger

Just because he gave me the finger, I think I'll point everyone his way.

DM: Sully, roll to save versus poison or go on another rant, and this time, you can't be nearly as nice as you were to Alexis

Sully: Phew! Just barely! 

Countdown to Game Time, your dungeon is ROCK!


  1. Does anyone in the RPG blogosphere actually game anymore? Or is it all just fear and loathing? Or should I say flame and trolling? I wish people would just be happy they have all this free time they're wasting on being so angry with people they never met.

  2. P.S. Let's start a grass roots movement, one that works to convince people to spend the time they would normally use to virtually attack people to instead do something RPG-related.

  3. @DRANCE: I think it might be the summertime doldrums. From what I can tell, a lot of games get put on hold or only play sporadically in the summertime. Vacations, family, weddings, etc. I think the heat makes people cranky too. Nasty combination. I'm certainly not angry with Bigby's Left Hand, I thought his post there was kind of funny, and I maybe deserved it a little bit. Hence the link. Anyway all my actual game-related material is over on my other blog, APackofGnolls dot blogspot dot com.