Monday, January 2, 2012

New Features Rock!

One thing about the OSR that continues to impress me is the sheer quantity of quality material being produced on a regular basis to help people run their old-school D&D game. It's actually overwhelming a bit, because I keep finding more and more resources that I want to print out and have on hand for use at the table.

So, I'm taking this opportunity to showcase two new features of Your Dungeon is Rock, both over on the sidebar, which specifically links ro downloadable free PDFs of old-school gaming supplements. Not full RPG systems, mind you, but documents that are useful, at the table, to any old-school RPG.

Below that, is a list of links to every goddamn random chart I come across in my web travels that might remotely be of use. There are a lot out there, both charts and PDFs, and these both will be constantly updating projects here at Your Dungeon is Rock!

So, as I begin this, I'll need your help. If there are free PDF files out there not already listed in the sidebar, or really excellent random charts somewhere that really ought to get noticed, drop me a line at sully33 at gmail dot com, or make a comment here. Simple as that. Keep on rockin it old school!


  1. I tag all the random tables I post on my blog, so they're easy to find here:

  2. Thanks Jack! You've been added to the list!

  3. I want to print out and have on hand for use at the table.

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