Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Mapping Rocks!

Okay, so, three posts up today that grabbed my attention and made me say "Very Interesting" because they were all kind of connected. 

First, Telecanter is talking about giving players a map of the dungeon before they start hacking their way through it. Great, now the DM has to listen to the players plot and plan for hours and hours before any dice are rolled. Actually, I really like the idea. All of 'em. 

Next, we've got some random encounter thoughts from Father Dave at Blood of Prokopius, which offers a certain spin on random encounters that had never occurred to me, and I like it very much. 

Last but certainly not least, Jarvis at Aeons and Auguries has an interesting concept for mapping out a megadungeon: do it one little bit at a time. This I think is brilliant. I may be a little too OCD to just run with it like that, but I'm getting ready to send my kids into the Underdark, so we may have the perfect little laboratory here... 

Anyways, all you guys F'n rock!

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